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Prostitution trafficking and modern slavery in europe

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Youth prostitution a literature review

youth prostitution a literature review

The particular type of problem behavior engaged in, furthermore, may have important implications for outcomes later in life.
The motives and real thai whores preferences of the clients of under-age prostitutes defy generalisation.
Due to a desire to shift the focus from sex to exploitation, commercial sexual exploitation has sometimes been included under child labour provisions, but all these definitions pose limitations (Kelly.
5 It is important here not to regard running away as the cause of prostitution.There tends to be a distinction drawn between child sexual abuse and child prostitution, the latter being seen as a commercial transaction.(1996) The challenge of HIV prevention among high risk adolescents Health and Social Work, 21(1 58-65.Tragically, young people may often convince themselves that they have made a free choice, rather than acknowledge that they have lost control over their own lives.Ecpat Janis,., and.Due to the dysfunctional families they may have come from, despite their street knowledge the intellectual and socio-emotional development of young sex workers may be slower than others of the same age.Ecpat Unger,.,.In one of the first books written on sexual abuse, Herman outlines how child sexual abuse, and more particularly incest, trains girls for prostitution: The father, in effect, forces the daughter to pay with her body for affection and care which should have been freely.Early sexual activity, whether consensual or coerced, may bring about and reinforce sexuality as a means of for securing relationships, receiving affection, and obtaining money or other objects ( Browning Laumann, 1997 thereby setting youths on a pathway of health-compromising sexual behavior.Knowledge of the availability of young people available for sex work appears to have some influence on where clients look for sex.

An ecpat (NZ) national survey found over 195 known cases of child prostitution, with 145 being under 16 years old (Saphira 2001).3 Both governmental and non-governmental welfare agencies throughout the country have contacts with young people who are known or thought to be involved.
Several had run away from home to escape physical and/or sexual assault, and sex work was a way to survive (Worth 2000).
Ecpat ecpat (2002) Notes on Child Prostitution File private document, ecpat, Auckland.
There is little written about the clients of sex workers, and most research is based on convicted men whose most common characteristic is the fact that they engage in forms of action that constitute child sexual exploitation (Davidson 2001).Future research on mental health consequences as well as resilience and coping skills would support effective interventions that address the women holistically.Thus, a developmental pathway from childhood abuse and neglect, to risk behaviors in adolescence, and to prostitution by young adulthood may ultimately result in significant health problems such as HIV/aids and other sexually transmitted diseases.Regan (1995) Splintered Lives: Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Context of Childrens Rights and Child Protection, Barnados, Essex.For example, Carrs study found an increase in the numbers of clients who actively seek prostitutes wearing school uniforms (Carr 2001).In a study of 102 young homeless people in Adelaide between ages 12 and 23, 35 had engaged in sex for favours (Tschirren.Plumridge (1997) The New Zealand Prostitutes Collective: Evaluation Report, Christchurch School of Medicine.Seventh, we examine early behaviors that may predict involvement in prostitution and trace development beyond adolescence into young adulthood.

Top, reasons Young Sex Workers give for Entering Sex Work.
(unicef 2001:3) The United Nations has highlighted the following considerations when providing programmes for children who have been sexually exploited.