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Solutions to prevent prostitution

solutions to prevent prostitution

We must approach this issue with the interests of the work collective in mind and ensure that the revolution within the family is completed, and that relationships between the sexes are put on a more human footing.
These relationships have nothing to do with prostitution: the woman goes with the man voluntarily because she is attracted to him, and there is no thought on her part of material gain.
Thus the politics of the Soviet authorities towards prostitutes and prostitution has been characterised by diversity and contradictions.
Escort girls, road side brothel, child prostitutes, fricatrice prostitutes.In our struggle against prostitution we must clarify our attitude to marital relations that are based on the same principles of buying and selling.Dont touch the family, dont try to change the family!The fact that the housing situation is still not solved also encourages prostitution.For a number of reasons the work of the commission was neglected for a time, but since the autumn of this year there have been signs of life, and with the co-operation of Dr Gol'man and the Central (Womens) Department some work has been planned.

Furthermore, the economic structure is far from being completely re-arranged in the new way, and communism is still a long way off.
The correct slogan was formulated at the first All-Russian Congress of Peasant and Working Woman: A woman of the Soviet labour republic is a free citizen with equal rights, and cannot and must not be the object of buying and selling.
We must not remain silent any longer over questions connected with sexual life; we must break with false and bigoted bourgeois morality.
In this difficult transition period, when the old is being destroyed and the new is in the process of being created, relations between the sexes sometimes develop that are not compatible with the interests of the collective.This sinister legacy of our bourgeois capitalist past continues to poison the atmosphere of the workers republic and affects the physical and moral health of the working people of Soviet Russia.The interdepartmental commission points to the fact that in Soviet Russia prostitution is practised (a) as a profession and (b) as a means of earning supplementary income.Prostitution was thus to the advantage of the worthy propertied citizens and was openly accepted by them.The womens departments must approach the struggle energetically, and they will find a wide field for activity.What is its strongest moral weapon in the struggle?The ancient world regarded prostitution as the legal complement to exclusive family relationships.The Central Department spoke in firm and absolute opposition 60 escorts to such, a step, pointing out that if prostitutes were to be arrested on such grounds, then so ought all legal wives who are maintained by their husbands and do not contribute to society.College Girls Getting into High End Prostitution.