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Rebels escorted off plane

Awareness has increased, certainly, but having heard about autism or knowing a little bit about it does not prepare one for being told that someone may cause injury to themselves or others.
However, the mothers comment, with words like meltdown and scratch, may not have been ideally phrased, and could have been an opportunity missed to have explained and disseminated information about autism.
Her passion for ABA stems from her passion for raising autism awareness in honor of her family members on the autism spectrum.
The incident started when the flight from Houston to Minneapolis was diverted to Rochester after a passenger became ill.Lucas Jackson / Reuters, two Muslim women were reportedly escorted off a JetBlue flight in Los Angeles, because a flight attendant didnt like the way the two women were staring back at her.Video shows another passenger trying to block the woman's path.My observations are below.After she was escorted off the plane, medical personnel were called to treat her before she was transported to Southwest General Health Center.The incident took place at gate C-21 at Hopkins Airport on Tuesday evening following a United Airlines flight from San Francisco.She has also founded an organization, The Behavior Station ( m to disseminate behavior analysis and resources.I read the news reports and watched the parent interviews.Passenger Bob Wilkinson said the unnerving incident unfolded just before the plane landed in Cleveland when a flight attendant asked over the intercom if anyone was in law enforcement.

JetBlue denied that the women had been removed on such grounds, instead claiming that the women were thought to be filming in-flight safety procedures procedures in breach of the airlines security rules, the Daily Mail reported.
I have looked closely at these two news reports kOIN 6 News, koin Video and, aBC News, ABC News bonaire escorts Video including the interviews with the Juliettes mother,.
However, according to the news report, at least one person on the flight supported the airlines decision.
The mother is blaming a fear of autism as the unwarranted reason for the emergency landing, and she has stated, I get the ignorance.
Mike Sadauskis says the 38-year-old woman from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, ford escort тест драйв was asked to leave the flight after it landed Monday morning.We cannot be so quick to call this discrimination after a comment that mentioned potential physical danger for others, or even for Juliette herself.Tiffany learned about ABA after she decided to work in the field of autism; she was instantly impressed by the high standards and science of behavior analysis.I can understand that he huntsville alabama escorts may have felt the safety of the passengers may have been at risk, due to the mothers comment, but since Juliette had not done anything to indicate danger, perhaps the captain and/or the flight attendants should have looked further into.An agitated passenger was escorted off a Spirit Airlines flight that landed in Rochester, Minnesota, for a medical emergency.The news reports by, kOIN 6 News kOIN Video ) and, aBC News aBC News Video ) only reported one side of this story the familys.Elizabeth Salinas, 45, was captured on video while she was being removed from the plane with her hands behind her back by two police officers.The mother announced that they will be suing United Airlines.The woman was not charged and is cooperating with police.This is also problematic.

While others may be reporting this story to choose sides, the purpose of sharing these observations is to consider all sides based specifically on what was reported by koin 6 News and ABC News.