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Five miles northeast of the Tallahassee airport, according to the federal agency.
But this may not always be the case.".
After saying "the FAA has got to be responsive to the entire industry Williams referred to a pair of incidents in which drones caused injuries to people on the ground.
Airways Flight 4650 going from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Tallahassee.
But on Thursday, Williams said that another judge had stayed this ruling pending the FAA's appeal.The pilot said that it appeared to be small, camouflaged, "remotely piloted" and about 2,300 feet up in the air at the time of the incident.Introduction of unmanned aircraft into America's airspace must take place incrementally and with the interest of safety first.".Neither the drone in this case, nor its pilot, have been identified.Pirker used a remotely operated, 56-inch foam glider to take aerial video for an advertisement for the University of Virginia Medical Center.The pilot reported that the small unmanned aircraft involved looked similar to an F-4 Phantom jet, and not like a helicopter that might hold a camera that many associate more closely with drones.Story highlights, flight 4650 on March 22 was a 50-seat jet, according to Flightaware.Such close calls are rare, the FAA notes.The pilot claimed to pass "an unreported and apparently remotely controlled aircraft."The FAA has the exclusive authority to regulate the airspace from the ground up, and a mandate to protect the safety of the American people in the air and on the ground the agency said.The FAA then fined him 10,000 for operating the aircraft in a "careless and reckless manner.".

All these incidents speak to "why it is incredibly important for detect-and-avoid standards (for small unmanned aircraft) to be developed and right-of-way rules to be obeyed Williams said.
Such planes have gas turbine engines and can fly higher than an average brisbane black escorts drone, according to the FAA.
As to current regulations, Williams noted the FAA has appealed a federal judge's decision in a case involving businessman Raphael Pirker.
A Federal Aviation Administration official warned this week about the dangers of even small unmanned aircraft, pointing specifically to a recent close call involving a drone and a commercial airliner that could have had "catastrophic" results.
According to the FAA, the incident took place on March 22 and involved.S."Thankfully, inspection to the airliner after landing found rex hotel prostitutes no damage.In its own statement, US Airways said that it was aware of this reported "incident with one of our express flights, and we are investigating.".He added that such standards are in the works.Then, Williams segued to a pilot's recent report of "a near midair collision" with a drone near the airport in Tallahassee, Florida.

His agency reiterated this sentiment in its statement Friday.
One came at an event at Virginia Motor Speedway in which an "unauthorized, unmanned aircraft" crashed into the stands, and in the other a female triathlete in Australia had to get stitches after being struck by a small drone.