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Under such conditions, the rights and liberties for which "the revolution" had been fought became more ideological than real.
This makes strict and total social control difficult if not impossible.
In that situation the self puts itself forward as its ultimate reality" ( Movements of Thought in the Nineteenth Century 62).
A fully meaningful human existence must be "lived now but with continual reference to the past: we must continue to affirm "that which has been good and we must work to eliminate or to avoid "that which has been bad." Moreover, a full human existence.
Through his teaching, writing, and posthumous publications, Mead has exercised a significant influence in 20th century social theory, among both philosophers and social scientists.The Social Act While life after prostitution the social act is analogous to the act-as-such, the above-described model of "individual biological activity" ( Mind, Self and Society 130) will not suffice as an analysis of social experience.The human personality (or self) arises in a social situation.United States Maritime Commission mC for, maritime Commission ).But the bourgeois revolution, for all its failures, had created a new concept of the individual.Perspectives are "there in nature and natural reality is the overall "organization of perspectives." There is, so far as we can directly know, no natural reality beyond the organization of perspectives, no noumena, no independent "world of physical particles in absolute space and time" (.At present, these historical forces separate us as much as they unite.The Romantics did not "postulate" the self; they asserted it "as something which is directly given in experience" ( Movements of Thought in the Nineteenth Century 86).

Human society, then, contains a multiplicity of generalized others.
Thus, Europe discovered the medieval period in the Romantic period.
Mead argues out that, without inhibition of activity and without the distance created by the inhibition, there can be no experience of time.
It is through reflective analysis of perceptual objects that scientific objects are constructed.
In immediate perceptual experience, the distant object is in the future.Self-consciousness is the result of a process in which the individual takes the attitudes of others toward herself, in which she attempts to view herself from the standpoint of others.The reaction is the meaning of the gesture and points toward the result (the "intentionality of the action initiated by the gesture.17, October 6, 1999, pg 24148 Geller, Eric.References and Further Reading, primary Sources, secondary Sources." ( The Philosophy of the Present 9).

Historical thought, then, for Mead, is instrumental in the evolution of human society.